Micah Goodrich (he/him) received his PhD at UConn in 2020 where he currently teaches in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program and the English Department. He works on the resonances of gender, embodiment, and nature in premodern literature. Micah’s work has appeared in journals, such as Early Middle English, the Yearbook of
Langland Studies
, and Studies in the Age of Chaucer as well as in edited collections, most recently Trans Historical: Gender Plurality Before the Modern. He is currently working on his first monograph, Chronic Bodies: Trans Natures and Premodern Temporalities, which explores the triangulation among nature, temporality, and (re)production to formulate a premodern trans theology of embodiment.

Note: You may reference me by using my name or by using he/his/him pronouns.


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