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2023-Pres.       Assistant Professor, English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Boston University

2022-2023       Visiting Assistant Professor, English, Boston University

2021                     Adjunct Professor, English, Fairfield University

2021                     Adjunct Professor, Gender Studies, University of Hartford

2020-2022        Adjunct Professor, Women’s, Gender, Sexuality Studies, University of Conn.

2020-2022         Adjunct Professor, Department of English, University of Conn.

2019-2020         Teaching Assistant, Women’s, Gender, Sexuality Studies, University of Conn.

2012-2020         Instructor of Record, Department of English, University of Conn.


2020             Ph.D. in English, Medieval Studies, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT


2016-2017   High Pass on PhD Candidacy Examinations in all fields

2014              M.A. in English, Medieval Studies, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

2011               B.A. in History with Honors, magna cum laude, and B.A. in Geography

                       Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, MA


In Preparation     Chronic Bodies: Trans Natures and Premodern Temporalities. (Book Manuscript)

In Preparation      “The Maw of the Maystre,” in “Piers and Pedagogy” Special Issue of Yearbook of                                                      Langland Studies, eds. Michael Calabrese and Elizabeth Schirmer

In Preparation        Editor’s Introduction to Special Issue on “Queer/Trans Worlds” with Kersti Francis                                                  and Bryan Keene, Journal of Medieval Worlds, projected 2025

In Preparation      “Dislocated Natures and Trans Time,” in Special Issue “Medieval Trans Natures” for                                                 Medieval Ecocriticism, eds. Aylin Malcolm and Nat Rivkin. Invited Contribution.

In Preparation      “Sexing the Body,” Co-Authored with Wan-Chuan Kao in Bloomsbury Handbook of the                                       History of Sexuality, eds. Nina Kushner and Nicole von Germeten. Invited Contribution.

In Preparation      “Philosophy and Science,” in A Cultural History of Gender, 500-1400CE, eds. Susan                                           Broomhall and Clare Davidson. (Bloomsbury Series). Invited Contribution.

In Preparation       “Medieval Intersex: Discourses and Discontents,” in The Companion to Sexuality in the                                         Medieval West, eds. Jenny Bledsoe and Michelle Sauer. Invited Contribution

Print Publications

2023             "Trans Animacies and Premodern Alchemies," in Medieval Mobilities: Gendered Bodies, Spaces,                          and Movements, eds. Jane Bonsall, Meagan Khoury, and Basil Arnould Price. The New Middle                            Ages Series. Palgrave, 2023

2022              “The Yeoman’s Canon: Disclosure, Complaint, and the Labor of Consent,” in the                                                     “Historicizing Consent” Colloquium, eds. Carissa Harris and Fiona Somerset, in Studies in                                      the Age of Chaucer (2022), Invited Contribution

2021               “Maimed Limbs and Biosalvation: Rehabilitation Politics in Piers Plowman,” in Trans                                                 Historical: Gender Plurality Before the Modern, eds. Anna Kłosowska, Greta LaFleur, and                                     Masha Raskolnikov (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, Nov 2021), Invited Contribution

2021                Lines 2416-2430 in Beowulf By All: A Community Translation and Workbook,                                                        eds. Elaine Treharne and Jean Abbott (ARC Humanities Press, June 2021)

2020               “Medieval Studies: The Stakes of the Field” Introduction to “Race, Revulsion, and Revolution                               in Medieval Studies, postmedieval 11.4 (2020) with Mary Rambaran-Olm and M.                                                 Breann Leake

2020              “Ycrammed ful of cloutes and of bones: Chaucer’s Queer Cavities,” in Medieval
                          Futurity: Essays for the Future of a Queer Medieval Studies, eds. Will Rogers and                                                  Christopher Michael Roman. New Queer Medievalisms Series (De Gruyter, Medieval                                            Institute Publications, Nov 2020)

2020              “The Owl and the Nightingale, Animacy, and Species Division, Early Middle English 2.1                                        (2020): 1-31.


2019                “Lolling and the Suspension of Salvation in Piers Plowman, Yearbook of Langland Studies 33                               (2019): 13-42.


2019                “The Medingen Manuscripts at Harvard: Houghton Library’s MS Lat 395 and MS Lat 440,”                                 Harvard Library Bulletin 28.2 (2019): 1-56, with Gennifer Dorgan, Laura Godfrey, Henrike                                 Lähnemann, Joseph Leake.


Digital Publications

2020             “Medical Violence and the ‘Miracle of the Black Leg’,” Synapsis: A Health                                                                  Humanities Journal, October 8th: Click Here

2020              “Limb,” in Medieval Disability Glossary: Society for the Study of Disability in the Middle Ages:                              Click Here


2018               “Heat map of the Distribution of the Medingen Manuscripts in 1542 (ringed) and in 2017,” in                               Henrike Lähnemann, “From Devotional Aids to Antiquarian Objects: The Prayer Books of                                   Medingen,” in Reading Books as Cultural Objects, ed. Evanghelia Stead. (Palgrave, 2018)


2018                Lines 2416-2430, Beowulf By All 1.0. Collaborative translation of Beowulf by 190 Authors,                                 eds. Elaine Treharne and Jean Abbott. Hosted by Stanford University, Text Technologies:                                     Click Here


Editorial Experience

2019-2020     Collaborative Editor, postmedieval 11.4 (Fall 2020), 10th Anniversary Edition, Palgrave                                          Macmillan, Topic: “Race, Revulsion, and Revolution in Medieval Studies”

2014-2015      Collaborative Editor, Old English Collaborative Education Online, Digital

Book Review Publications

2023                Review: Tison Pugh, On the Queerness of Early English Drama: Sex in the Subjunctive.                                         (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2021) for Speculum

2022                 Review: Leah DeVun, The Shape of Sex: Nonbinary Identity from Genesis to the                                                   Renaissance. (New York: Columbia University Press, 2021) in Studies in the Age of Chaucer

2022                 Review: Anne Scott and Michael Barbezat, eds. Fluid Bodies and Bodily Fluids in Premodern                               Europe: Bodies, Blood, and Tears in Literature, Theology and Art. Series: ARC - Borderlines.                               (Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam University Press, 2019) in The Medieval Review, here.


2021                 Review: Rebecca Merkelbach, Monsters in Society: Alterity, Transgression, and the Use of the                            Past in Medieval Iceland. (De Gruyter, 2019) in Kyngervi, Forthcoming


2021                 Review: Laura Kalas, Margery Kempe's Spiritual Medicine: Suffering, Transformation                                              and the Life-Course. (Boydell & Brewer, 2020) in Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures                                    (JMRC) 47.2 (2021): 218-221.


2016                 Review: Nicole Nolan Sidhu, Indecent Exposure: Gender, Politics, and Obscene Comedy in                                 Middle English Literature. (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016) in Hortulus: The Online                                 Graduate Journal of Medieval Studies “Gendered Spaces Issue” 13.1 (2016): https://hortulus-                    

Selected Presentations

2024 Jan

"Temper–, or, Chaucer’s Caustic Ambience," on "Ambient Chaucer" panel at MLA Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA.

2023 July         

“The Work of Stillness,” at the International Piers Plowman Society Conference, London, UK

2023 Jan.         

“Dislocated Natures and Trans Time,” on “Old English, Middle English, And Contemporary Trans Studies” roundtable at MLA Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA. Invited Contribution

2022 Dec.        
Piers in Pieces,” on ‘Current Topics in Teaching Piers Plowman’ panel for ‘Piers Without Tears,’ International Piers Plowman Society Virtual Workshop


2022 Nov.        

“Elemental Trans,” for Early Modern Trans Studies Conference at Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA.     

2021 March

"Alchemical Bodies and the Science of Sex," for "Plenary Seminar - Caused Selves: Embodying the Material World in Middle Ages," led by Julie Orlemanski at 45th Annual Sewanee Medieval Colloquium, University of the South, Sewanee, TN

2021 January      

“Sex and Alchemical Animacy,” at Gender and Medieval Studies (GMS) Conference on ‘Gender and Mobility.’ University of Surrey, Guilford, UK. Digital Conference.

2020 July

“The Yeoman’s Canon: Toxic Mentors and Complaint,” to the “Toxic Chaucer” panel at the New Chaucer Society Congress, Durham, UK, 2020. Postponed to 2022 due to COVID-19

2019 April

"Somatechnical Piers Plowman: Bodies Without Limbs Without Bodies," at the International Piers Plowman Society Conference, University of Miami, Florida


2018 July     

Or as craft countrefeteth kinde: Technologies of Counterfeit in the House of Fame,” at the New Chaucer Society Congress, Toronto, ON, Canada


2018 May     

Piers Plowman and Queer-Marxist (Re)Production,” on the “Twenty-First Century Piers Plowman Roundtable,” at the 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI


2018 May     

Piers Plowman’s Limbs,” on the “Social Justice in the Piers Plowman Tradition” panel at the 53rd International Conference on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI


2018 April

As for to werken any thyng in contrarie: (Re)production and the Limits of Nature,” at the 44th Annual Sewanee Medieval Colloquium, University of the South, Sewanee, TN


2017 June     

So faren ye that multiplie: The Laws of Nature in the Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale,” at the Biennial London Chaucer Conference: Chaucer & the Law, University of London, London, UK

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