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Triple Jeopardy Magazine 1972

DIY Pedagogy

“DIY” as a creative process comes out of the 1980s Black feminist publishing world, notably Kitchen Table Press, and later in the 1990s queer-feminist punk scene. The work of DIY is characterized by dis-alienation, political intervention, and alternative media through self-publishing (zines, distributed information pamphlets, and independent presses) and collaborative communication (lyrics, art installations, etc.). As a literary scholar I am fascinated by and indebted to this underground textual moment.


What is DIY Pedagogy?

DIY is a ... “revolutionary tool because it is one means of empowering society’s most dispossessed people […] we have not been afraid to defy white male logic, which will always tell us ‘no,’ when our hearts and spirit tell us ‘YES!’”

Barbara Smith, Co-Founder of Kitchen Table Press


“It was important that we could do it on our own. It was very important to us that we publish it ourselves. That people of color had done it on our own. It was important to us that women did it.”

Ntozake Shange, Third World Communications

“The whole point of what we were doing was D.I.Y., create it yourself, taking over the means of production for ourselves, and creating something ourselves.”

Allison Wolfe, Bratmobile

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